Special Glues

Superglue instant adhesive, white glue and transparent

Special glues for school, office and home

Instant cyanoacrylate adhesive for wood, glass, ceramics, rubber, plastic, iron.
WALLPAPER and CRAFT PASTE For gluing paper, cardboard, posters, etc.
Special glue for wood and similars.
Strong transparent drying binding glue. Use for rhinestones on textiles, paper, cardboard, wood, several plastics and metals, leather.
Mosaic Glue is especially developed to glue glass and ceramic mosaic.
Textileglue is a white, solventfree and odourless adhesive, applicable for different types of textiles.

colla speciale lampofix 3g
Lampofix 3 g
Superglue instant adhesive
Article: PALP103
Ean code: 8007444001039
Sales unit: 48
Shipping unit: 48
colla speciale superfix 3g x 2
Superfix 2 x 3 g
Superglue instant adhesive
Article: PALP105
Ean code: 8007444001053
Sales unit: 12
Shipping unit: 288
colla speciale per cartapesta
Wallpaper and craft paste 125 g
Article: PALP133
Ean code: 8007444001336
Sales unit: 40
Shipping unit: 40
colla speciale per legno
Woodfix 100 g
Wood glue
Article: PALP030
Ean code: 8007444000308
Sales unit: 20
Shipping unit: 20
colla speciale per mosaico
Strass Glue 50 g
Article: PALP160
Ean code: 8007444001602
Sales unit: 30
Shipping unit: 30
colla speciale per stoffa
Mosaic glue 50 g
Article: PALP161
Ean code: 8007444001619
Sales unit: 24
Shipping unit: 24
colla speciale per strass
Textile glue 50 g
Article: PALP162
Ean code: 8007444001626
Sales unit: 24
Shipping unit: 24
colla speciale kids glue 100g
Kids Glue 100 g
Article: PALP150
Ean code: 8007444001503
Sales unit: 12
Shipping unit: 12
colla speciale kids glue 1000g
Kids Glue 1000 g
Article: PALP154
Ean code: 8007444001541
Sales unit: 6
Shipping unit: 6