Glue Stick

Solid scented glue

Glue stick for school, office and home

Solid scented glue for school, office and home. Water-based and solvent-free, it‘s extremely easy to han-dle and paste easily paper, cardboard and photos. Absolutely non-toxic and free of hazardous sub-stances, it complies with the safety requirements applicable to toys. It's available in 3 sizes: 10, 20 and 40g. The colored glue, available in the intermediate size of 20 g, mark the pasted part of the support and disappears in a few seconds without staining it.

colla stick 10
Gluestick 10 g
Article: PALP080
Ean code: 800744400803
Sales unit: 24
Shipping unit: 144
colla stick 20
Gluestick 20 g
Article: PALP081
Ean code: 800744400810
Sales unit: 24
Shipping unit: 144
colla stick 40
Gluestick 40 g
Article: PALP082
Ean code: 800744400827
Sales unit: 12
Shipping unit: 72
colla stick colorata
Coloured Gluestick 20 g
Article: PALP077
Ean code: 8007444000780
Sales unit: 24
Shipping unit: 144